Featured Production Music: Big Band Remixed (GAL119)

Retro is cool. There is no fighting it. There is something about taking something familiar from the past and modernizing it with a relevant flare. Cue the retro styling of new cars, the dozens of blockbuster film reworks, fashion, etc. Retro is always in style. Each year FirstCom Music produces more than 115 albums of production music, including styles both retro and new. In the case of Big Band Remixed (GAL119), FirstCom Music gives us both.

This latest release will appeal to lovers of old-school swing, big band jazz, lounge, disco, and modern electronica, alike. Every track on Big Band Remixed pulls samples from every flavor of big band music and kicks things to the next level by throwing in layers of modern electronica elements ranging from hard hitting dubstep wobbles, white noise, epic synth stabs, chilled back beat grooves, chunky authentic bass sounds, and did I mention synths? There is an abundance of incredible synth work on this album that will keep you swing dancing and raving all night long.


Key Tracks: “Dubstep Swing,” “Starlight Disco,” ”Cruising Electro Riviera,” and ”Private Jet”

Big Band Remixed comes from the Galerie production music library, known for being a haven for fresh, upbeat, and creative music. Galerie is just one of the 32 different libraries that compose the FirstCom Music comprehensive production music catalog. It should then come as no surprise that Big Band Remixed is one of the most creative and impactful albums to come from the newest set of releases from FirstCom Music. Be sure to take the Key Tracks for a ‘swing.’ “Dubstep Swing” in particular is an EDM hit that will appeal to both your grandma and teenager. It’s great!

Joseph Noga, 
Contributing Blogger | FirstCom Music

Production Music Albums In This Style:


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