Inspired Beats


By Jeff “Skin” Wade (@SkinWade)

The best Rap and Hip-Hop stays with you because it’s authentic. Trends, sounds and sub-divisions within the genre come and go with incredible frequency. But the best of the genre is resilient, even a decade later because it demanded your attention regardless of what the charts said was cool or what was happening in the streets. The best beats have a feel and a production quality that taps into emotion. That emotion inspires the MC, and they deliver it to the rest of us.

When Producers turn to Velocity‘s beats for their productions their images and their ideas are the MC’s of our tracks. They’re looking for beats to inspire them in their project. It’s our job to give you the groove so that you can spit fire. That’s why we don’t play. You’ll never hear an Urban project from Velocity that’s only trap cuts, or just throwback jams, or just a West Coast feel. Because all those movements stay relevant. We’re not here to only provide a specific Urban genre for some esoteric idea of what a real “style” should be. If the beat is hot and inspired, it’s what you need and what we deliver. And we deliver handcrafted creations with love and respect. It’s music we care about, designed to inspire you.

We’re pumped to bring one of Urban music’s most influential cats, Waajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers, Tiny Hearts), into the fold for Street Sounds and Baller Beats 2 (VL-143). His early involvement with Slum Village and the legendary J Dilla inspired this work and you hear the heart of Detroit in his sound. From the vintage southern soul rap of “Out The Traps” to the insane “tech” roughness of “Raw Street Science,” Waajeed brings an immediate authenticity to this project that you won’t find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

We also pay our respects to the rowdy southern styles with tracks like “Designer Joints” and “They See these Rings,” vintage golden age-inspired cuts like “Classic Soul Sample Jam” and “Vintage Spit,” and we haven’t forgotten the crossover appeal of “Bow To The King” and “Still Shining.” We’re not the guys that churn out “rap beats.” We’re the guys that deliver inspiration for your ideas.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Jeff "Skin" Wade 

Wade and his partner Ruben Ayala are the production team 
that oversees and develops the Velocity Label for FirstCom. 
He's a full-on music and basketball nerd and his family 
seems OK with tolerating him, which is nice.

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