Pick Up And Play!


By Jeff “Skin” Wade (@SkinWade)

Indie rock is an ever-evolving gloriously energetic movement. But at it’s most basic core, a group of like-minded restless youthful types pick up, plug in and just started jamming. That’s what we aspire to capture on Guitars, Amps and Traps (VL-144). Energetic guitar-driven indie and alternative rock. It’s new rock bursting with enthusiasm. No synths required, all the textures provided by a big fat rhythm section and whatever magic comes out of a guitar, amp and some pedals, all rocking together. And there’s a lot of magic there.

The attitude, mood and energy are the featured artists of this project and consequently it’s a varied sounding collection despite its simple garage ambitions. You can hear sounds inspired by artists like The Black KeysTame Impala and Silversun Pickups among others. Check out “Smashing Stuff,” “Trippin’ In Austin” and “Break The Mold” to get a taste of what we’re all about with Guitars, Amps and Traps. It’s the sound of youth, energy and a big loud “hell yes!” to life in all its youthful glory.

We challenge you to throw this on and not start bouncing in your seat, nodding your head. Go ahead, get up and start jumping around the room. It’s cool. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeff "Skin" Wade and his partner 
Ruben Ayala are the production team that oversees and 
develops the Velocity Label for FirstCom. He's a full-
on music and basketball nerd and his family seems OK 
with tolerating him, which is nice.

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