Featured Production Music Album: Girls No Boys 2 (RCR013)

If you’re stuck at work and missing out on SXSW – we feel your pain. But we have the perfect remedy: our new Roadside Couch Records album featuring the best singer/songwriters from Austin, Girls No Boys 2 (RCR013)!


Our girl Andrea Perry brought them all together for the powerful indie pop-rock album. And if you’re lucky enough to be in Austin for SXSW this year, CHECK THEM OUT. That’s right, some of the awesome artists featured in RCR013 are also showcasing at SXSW this year!

Here’s a list of who you’ll hear on Girls No Boys 2 and can also see live at the SXSW Music festival this year:

Wild Child

Singer/songwriter Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child lends her voice to RCR013’s  “Party Rite” (track #7). Her sweet and sultry vocals fit perfectly into the fun, dance pop song in RCR013 – different from what you’d hear in the indie folk band’s latest album, Pillow Talk. A bit of a backstory on Wild Child: The primary singers, Kelsey and Alexander Beggins, began as an acoustic duo before evolving into a six-piece band. Also, the band was named the “Best Indie” and “Best Folk” Band by the Austin Chronicle in 2013. Check out Wild Child’s full SXSW 2014 Music schedule here.

Holiday Mountain

The dynamic pysch-dub pop trio from Austin, TX performs two tracks for Girls No Boys 2. Holiday Mountain’s songwriter, vocalist and keyboardist, Laura Patiño’s unique vocals can be heard on the tracks “On Top Of The World” (#6) and “On My Own Tonight” (#8). Holiday Mountain creates their virally catchy sound by incorporating pop songwriting, dance music, and world music. They have been compared to M.I.A., Major Lazer and Deerhoof. Curious about the band’s name? It comes from Patiño’s two sources of infinite inspiration: Billie Holiday and the Rocky Mountains. Check out Holiday Mountain’s full SXSW 2014 Music schedule here.

Sarah Sharp (of Kaliyo)

Indie-pop duo Kaliyo (Andrea Perry & Sarah Sharp) performed two songs for RCR013: the indie folk track about romance and heartbreak titled “Ready To Go” (#12) and “Lucky” (#14), a simple and sweet song about good times and good fortune. As you may know, Sarah is also the lead singer of the Austin-based jazz band The Jitterbug Vipers. The band recently won the Austin Music Award for “Best Jazz Band,” and their SXSW Showcase was also recommended by the Wall Street Journal. Check out their full SXSW 2014 Music schedule here. From just these featured artists, you can see Girls No Boys 2 has a little bit of everything – from pop to indie/alternative to modern country. It’s the perfect collection of music for advertising, education and film/TV productions. Audition it today!



Eclectic Collective  RCR012 Incredible vocal talent performing indie pop, rock, college indie,country pop. Singer songwriters and creative concepts from the live music capital of the world


Big Whisper- Songs from the Underbelly of Love RCR011 Folk, pop, indie-folk, singer-songwriter, quirky to heartbreaking songs about love, love lost and dysfunctional relationships


Girls No Boys RCR010 Girl indie pop rock, vocals, college indie songs, quirky folk indie, relationships, love lost, young love, fun, the single life


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