FirstCom Music Featured in FX’s “The Americans”

Fan of The Americans? Tonight’s episode is one you can’t miss! Not only will Margo Martindale return as Claudia, but two FirstCom Music tracks will be featured! 

Watch an exclusive scene from the episode here:

FX’s original drama series, which stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, will feature the music from Blues 1 (MSTR009) and CLS Volume 9 – String Ensembles (CLS009). The MasterSource track placed, titled “Depths Of My Soul” (#9), is a powerful, mid-tempo, soulful song about heartbreak. Listen to it and “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro” (#1) by clicking on the album covers below:

blues-music-for-tvTrack Title: “Depths Of My Soul”  (#9)
Album Title: Blues 1 (MSTR009)

Album Description: Our first Blues CD comes out swinging! Southern Roadhouse, sexy Jazziness, contemporary Commercial, and Chicago pianos.

Browse MasterSource Music library

classical-music-for-tvTrack Title: “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Allegro” (#1)
Album Title: 
CLS Volume 9 – String Ensembles (CLS009)

Album Description: Light orchestral ensembles with plenty of glamour and charm.

Browse Classical

This is not the first time our production music has been used in the series. The Americans also placed tracks from FirstCom’s MasterSource music library throughout the last season.

Production music featured in The AmericansSeason 1:

Episode #101

rock-music-for-tvTrack Title: “Hard Times” (MSTR018 #11)
Description: Midtempo, 90’s style, heavy hard rock


Track Title: “Everything Is Bad” (MSTR018 #3)
Description: Uptempo, 80’s style, commercial hard rock – in the style of Aerosmith

Episode #106
jazz-music-for-tvTrack Title: “Never Been In Love”
(MSTR052 #51)

Description: Midtempo, 40’s style swing-feel with string ensemble

Episode #107


Track Title: “Open Spaces”
(MSTR095 #5)

Description: Uptempo acoustic guitar-based light rock


Track Title: “Alone at the Bar”
(MSTR110 #1)

Description: Midtempo, medium waltz


Track Title: “A Dozen Roses”
(MSTR014 #7)

Description: Midtempo Bossa Nova lounge style

Episode #110


Track Title: “Take You There”
(MSTR086 #12)

Description: Uptempo energetic dance beat, in the style of Michael Sembello.

The Americans airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX. Watch the new episode titled “A Little Night Music” TONIGHT to enjoy a little of our music. And be sure to tweet us when you hear us @FirstCom_Music!


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