Music for Trailers and Promos: Sonic Assault

The Universal Trailer Series did it again. FirstCom’s music library recently released Sonic Assault (UTS015), which features huge builds, epic breaks and monstrous beats – all packed into 12 tracks. And it does not disappoint! UTS proves once again why it is THE destination for cutting edge trailer music.


We gotta give credit where credit is due. This awesome collection of hard hitting, edgy FX and extreme power is all thanks to these three talented composers: Mark Denis, Ryan Andrews and Randy Gist

mark-denis-universal-trailer-seriesMark Denis

Mark’s music has been featured in hundreds of programs and promos on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX.  He has written music for the theatrical advertising campaigns of World War Z, Iron Man 3, Zero Dark Thirty and Argo. Mark has also won numerous composition awards from Downbeat Magazine and also served as an arranger for Latin Grammy award-winning artists.

Mark is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Northern Colorado and a master’s degree in music composition from the University of Miami. Currently, Mark lives near San Francisco, CA with his wife and son.

ryan-andrews-universal-trailer-seriesRyan Andrews

Ryan is a Los Angeles-based composer, producer, sound designer and performer. His work has been featured in the theatrical advertising campaign for Insidious 2, in addition to several video games and has been performed by Grammy award-winning artists. He’s also had the privilege of working with a wide variety of acclaimed artists, from jazz legend Lyle Mays to Broadway star Lauren Kennedy to country phenom Frankie Ballard.

Ryan was born in Chicago and raised in Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree in jazz performance and Spanish from Western Michigan University and his master’s in composition and production from the University of Miami. While in school, Ryan was the recipient of ten Downbeat Student Music Awards and was awarded the ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Award in 2012.

randy-gist-universal-trailer-seriesRandy Gist

LA-based composer and saxophonist, Randy Gist, has had the privilege of writing the music for the theatrical campaigns of Despicable Me 2Olympus Has FallenElysiumEvil Dead and many more. Randy has also arranged for the Costa Rican National Orchestra.

As a saxophonist, he’s toured with American Idol winner Phillip Phillips, performed on the soundtrack to Pixar‘s Epic, and has been featured numerous times on the FOX hit TV show Glee.

Randy is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has a bachelor’s degree in music from Western Michigan University and a master’s in music composition at the University of Miami.

Sonic Assault is perfect for film trailers and TV dramas promos. As for films, think Sci-Fi, action and adventure, on a huge and futuristic scale! For more on these and other Universal Trailer Series composers, visit the UTS Composers page. You can also browse through our Trailer Music Playlists to audition more of FirstCom Music’s epic selection of tracks!


Hybrid Eternal Hero

Big orchestral themes mixed with edgy intros, dirty beats and grimy synths

Hybrid Heaven & Hell

Powerful orchestral themes with hard hitting breaks and powerful beats

Hybrid Trailers


Trailer music with an edge. Brooding dubstep, dramatic rock, pounding metal


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