WFAA Documentary ‘Rise Up, West’ features FirstCom Music

At FirstCom Music, we are always honored to have our music placed in inspiring productions. Recently, we were featured in WFAA Channel 8’s Rise Up, West, a documentary about the role West High School’s football team had in helping lead its community to recovery from a fertilizer plant explosion on April 17, 2013.

The blast killed 15 people, mainly first responders, and obliterated several homes and buildings and damaged parts of both West High School and West Middle School. The months following the tragedy, WFAA was there to carefully and respectfully document the team’s activities.

Rise Up, West tells the story of the team’s journey following the months after the devastating explosion. Watch it below:

WFAA aired the 66-minute special earlier this month. It was also featured at the Dallas Film Festival, as well as the USA Film Festival. They are accepting donations to help the children of West rise up. To donate, click here:

FirstCom Music Placements in WFAA documentary Rise Up, West:

  1. “Regeneration” by Miguel D’Oliveria from Hostile Landscapes (BBCPM021 #9)
  2. “The Last One” by Robert Hartshorne from Serene Documentary (CHAP368 #28)
  3. “Enchanted Moment” by Philip Sheppard from Simply Strings (CHAP383 #2)
  4. “Make the Most of It” by Alexander Ace Baker & Clair Marlo from Soaring Rock Anthems (EVO148 #2)
  5. “The Way Up” by Steve Fawcett from Inspire (EVO168 #41)
  6. “Slick Sonny”  by Andrew MacDonald & Bryan New from Big Swampy (EVO157 #37)
  7. “Bark at the Moon” by Aaron Kelley & Skinny Williams from Shuffle 1: In The Groove (EVO169 #65)
  8. “No Boundaries” by Brian Burrows from Rock Inspired 2 (EVO196 #1)
  9. “We’ve Got It” by Steve Fawcett from Inspire 2 (EVO207 #11)
  10. “Fortitude” by Steve Carter from Human Stories: Music For Documentaries (EVO125 #2)
  11. “The Road Home” by Emanuel Kallins & Stephen Teller from Emotional Landscapes (GM163 #8)
  12. “The First Time” by Chieli Minucci & Emanuel Kallins from Gotham Goes Country (GM168 #11)
  13. “I’m Not Goin Down” by Robert Walsh from Southern Gothic (HM-101 #7)
  14. “My Hand Your Hand” by Jonathan Pilcher & Natalie Barowitz from Post Rock (MH113 #7)
  15. “Slow Burn” by Diamond Paye & Matthew Harris from Cinematic Indie (MH074 #6)
  16. “Lost and Found” by Greg Hatwell & Marc Lane from Cinematic Indie (MH074 #8)
  17. “The Home Lights” by James Copperwaithe from Indie Uplift (MH112 #6)
  18. “Blanket of Light” by Adam Burns from Indie Uplift (MH112 #8)
  19. “Don’t Walk Run” by Jonathan Pilcher & Natalie Barowitz from Post Rock (MH113 #10)
  20. “Country Boy” by Eric Berdon, Wendy Ellen Feldstein & Marc Ferrari from Country 10 (MSTR254 #31)
  21. “Reckoning Too Soon” by Brian Flores, John Hunter Jr., Jonathan Slott & Derek Somaru from Beauty And Loss (OM186 #3)

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