Roadside Couch Records Presents: ‘Cali Girl’ by Michele Vreeland

fashion-advertising-production-musicRoadside Couch Records always provides us with the best indie sounds, and the latest new release is no different. Cali Girl (RCR015) features slick, eclectic indie girl pop-rock songs you can’t help but dance and sing along to! Packed with the sounds of today, the 12-track collection is perfect for advertising, film and TV. And the mastermind and voice behind it all is our own “Cali girl,” Michele Vreeland. She has continued to bring her unique take on pop-rock and danceable riffs to Roadside Couch Records with this album. Get to know more about our RCR artist here:

Born into the sounds of California, this native really connects into the heart of pop music leaving it in perfect harmony. Michele is a gifted singer/songwriter/producer with an innate sense of melody and harmony and a unique take on things, which makes her lyrics interesting and distinctly hers. Her voice is exceptional, which, combined with her ability to arrange and produce, creates recordings that can be listened to over and over. As a performer, Michele is equally at home in a solo setting with her acoustic guitar, as she is performing on stage to her electronic indie-pop-rock sounds.

She performs in a range of venues from Los Angeles listening rooms like Bar Lubitsch and The Mint, to such disparate venues at claimed fashion designer Sue Wong’s private house concert alongside the legendary 60’s icon Donovan. “My audiences are incredibly diverse,” she notes, “and different listeners hear themes in my songs that reflect their own realities.”

In the LA music scene Michele has being nominated for several awards including the LAWIM “Comet Award” (2009), the Los Angeles Music Awards “Female Artist of the Year” (2010), voted in 2009 and 2010 in the Music Connection Magazine “Hot 100 List” as Best “Unsigned Live Artist.”  Hardworking DIY artist Michele continues to break barriers and to push herself. She performed 5 gigs at 2010 SXSW, one of which Livenation showcased her on their Justin Timberlake 901 Tequila stage. Securing sponsorships like Extreme Isolation Headphones and Luna Guitars. Her music has been played on over 300 collage radio stations in the US and Canada.

With two albums already slated for release in 2014, moving on and forward is what Michele Vreeland does best. Propelled by an imaginative and restless spirit, a curiosity about life and art and the willing ability to share it with a growing audience, she projects a vibrant mission of meaning, motivation and magic.

Audition Cali Girl (RCR015) today:



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