FirstCom Music in “Orange Is The New Black” Season 2

The highly anticipated season two of Orange Is The New Black is almost here! As fans, we have officially started counting down since we watched the trailer in April, but we have also been excited to share the FirstCom Music placement in the upcoming new season of the Netflix original series!

Watch the OITNB Season 2 trailer here:

Season 2 of OITNB places a hip-hop track by Aaron M. Frison & Waajeed titledShaking Hands With The Devil (CHAP352 #3) from our Chappell Production Music library. The track, which will be featured in episode #2006, is from Funktified Hip Hop Soul – an album full of Hip-Hop beats and soulful vocals. Get familiar with the track before the season premiere by clicking on the album cover below:

hip-hop-soul-production-musicFunktified Hip Hop Soul (CHAP352)

OITNB will be available for streaming June 6, 2014 on Netflix. Join us that Friday night as we go behind bars with our favorite female prisoners (AKA binge-watch the entire series), and remember to tweet us when you hear our track and/or share your thoughts on the new season @FirstCom_Music!

RELATED: Our production music was also featured in season one of the addicting series! Details here: “Orange Is The New Black” Features FirstCom Music


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