Sports & Music

music-in-sportsThe 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil coming up fast and just as qualifying teams have been a big topic of discussion, and so has the music. Every four years, some of the world’s most talented musical artists come together to create a track which will ultimately be unveiled as the World Cup theme song. People everywhere – not just soccer fans – look forward to hearing the anthem!

The World Cup is, of course, not the only sporting event that has embraced the power of music. Music has always played a significant role in sports. In ancient times, music was used primarily to encourage and motivate the athletes. Today, music is also used to engage fans and provide them with a full-entertainment experience. Traditional stadium tunes such as Take Me out To The Ball Game” or Queen’s We Will Rock You have become a part of the fabric of the stadium experience. Sports promoters know that the right music is essential to the fans engagement and enjoyment of the event.

Like popular music, library music also has its place in the sporting arena. Production music companies, such as FirstCom, understand the formula for great sports themes. It is a widely used, budget-friendly alternative to pop music for use during sporting events, in sports programming, and for sports promos and commercials. Most production music providers have entire libraries or themed playlist dedicated to sports and sports promotions.

Although each sporting event has its own unique style and flavor there’s one thing that ties them all together … the power of music. It will always be there to inspire your favorite athletes, as well as the fanatics who love them!


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