New Production Music for June/July 2014

FirstCom Music offers over 183,000 tracks, with over 7,000+ new releases every year. Our creative well is rich with award-winning composers and musicians who create a diverse repertoire of high quality, easy-to-use music that reflects today’s charts. Hear the difference today!

Audition all 19 of our New Releases today at

Beautifully Strange
(CHAP417)music for ad agencies
Dark, Dangerous, Decadent 
(EVO202)documentary film music
Alo Brasil
(MEX026)Brazil music for productions
Vol. 10: Apocalyptic Trailer Remixes
(NUGGETS10)apocalyptic trailer music
Indie Rock 3
(MSTR262)indie rock music for tv film
Big Sports Machine 2
(EVO209)sports production music
30-Second Stories V1 
(OM191)music for advertising
30-Second Stories V2 
(OM192)ad agency music
Crossing Continents
(BBCPM035)orchestral score
Less Is More 5 
(GM173)tv music underscore beds
News Cycle
(AM072)Music for news and current affairs
Black Tide
(HM-113)orchestral filmscore
Good Grooves
Epic & Inspired
(EVO211)promo music
Indie Blender
(VL-148)music for commercials
Global Journeys
(BBCPM036)BBC Production Music
Cocktail Jazz 
(HM-114)authentic cocktail jazz music for productions
(4RP14)music for restaurants ads
Holiday Calendar
(4RP15)holiday music for radio producers

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