MasterSongs Artist: Breanna Kennedy

breanna-kennedy-mastersongsFirstCom Music’s MasterSongs is a diverse collection pre-cleared songs that reflect today’s charts. With an extensive group of songwriters, both newcomers and seasoned professionals, Grammy winners and undiscovered gems, MasterSongs features the best songs for film, television, advertising and digital media productions. Today, we’re spotlighting a rising star who recently contributed to our MasterSongs collection: Breanna Kennedy.

Bre is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. She grew up in a musical environment and blossomed into the vibrant, soulful and passionate artist she is today. Over the years, Bre has worked with many great writers and producers including Jimmy HarryDanielle BriseboisRodney “Darkchild” JerkinsTony Kanal (No Doubt), Billy SteinbergEric Berdon and many others. She has also shared the stage with some major performers, including Pete Townsend (The Who).

If you’ve auditioned our June/July New Releases, you’ve heard the latest from Bre in our MasterSongs collection! Her vocals are featured in tracks from Indie Rock 3 (MSTR262) and Country 11 (MSTR263). Listen to each song below:

Chocolate And Your Cheap Apology” (#11)
– Composer(s): Lance Morrison, Marc Ferrari, & Wendy Ellen Feldstein
Nothing Ever Is Enough” (#41)
– Composer(s): Lance Morrison, Marc Ferrari, & Wendy Ellen Feldstein 

California” (#51)
– Composer(s): Jamie Dunlap, Marc Ferrari, & Wendy Ellen Feldstein

Each song is a reminder why Bre is an artist to watch! To keep up with the young artist and her music, follow her @BreKennedy or ‘Like’ the Breanna Kennedy Facebook page!

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