‘Ray Donovan’ Season 2 Features FirstCom Music

It’s no secret FirstCom Music was featured in the season two premiere of Showtime’s Ray Donovan. And for episode two, there will be more… The hit series about a professional “fixer” for L.A.’s rich and famous will feature production music from Chronicles of Hip Hop and MusicHouse on Sunday!

Watch the Ray Donovan Season 2 trailer below:

If you are not yet addicted to Ray Donovan – we think it’s safe to say you haven’t started watching. Last year, the series was honored the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series (along with 5 others) and also earned two Golden Globe nominations. More recently, Jon Voight (who plays Ray’s father Mickey) received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

We’re proud to be a part of the critically-acclaimed drama for yet another season! Tune in Sunday, July 20 at 9 PM ET/PT for episode 2 and you’ll hear:

songs-production-musicTrack: “Electro Bass” (#16)
Album: Track And Field (MH061)

Description: Freewheeling, electro, big beat and indie rock floor fillers that pack a punch. All edits are instrumentals
Composer(s): Todd Baker



Track: “Heat” (#12)
Album: That’s What’s Up (COHH-7)

Description: The real thing from Atlanta, LA and New York, the cream of the cream, bootylicous hip hop, rap and R&B pop crossover
Composer(s): Felisha Booker, J Henry, Ronald Agee, Sylvester Manning & Willie Pointer Jr.

In case you missed it, the season 2 premiere of Ray Donovan featured Dance the Night Away from MasterSource Music’s Pop 2. Audition it below:


MSTR259 #16


August 3, 2014: Ray Donovan‘s episode #204 features Fall Back (COHH-5 #1) and Let’s Go Dancing (GAL109 #3)

August 17, 2014: Episode #206 features Dolla Dolla Billz (COHH-7 #4)

August 24, 2014: Episode #207 features Living It Up (MH106 #10)

August 31, 2014: Episode #208 features Never Been In Love (MSTR052 #10)

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