FirstCom Music Placements in “Halt and Catch Fire” Episode 9

STOP EVERYTHING! Two FirstCom Music tracks will be featured in Sunday’s all-new episode of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire! – Yeah, we’re pretty excited about it.

For years, AMC has kept us on the edge of our seats Sunday nights with their award-winning dramas such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The cable network, which holds the title of most-watched drama series in basic cable history with The Walking Dead, proceeded to bring us “something more” with the 1980’s tech drama Halt and Catch Fire in early June.

This year, the new TV series was honored as one of this year’s Most Exciting New Series by the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, along with five others, and AMC collected 26 Emmy noms. Fun Fact: AMC reigns as the only cable network in history to win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row (2008-2011)!

Halt and Catch Fire’s ninth episode will feature songs from our OneMusic and Hollywood Music library. Check out a SNEAK PEEK of Halt and Catch Fire, Episode 9 below:


1950s-country-musicTrack: Make Up My Mind (#1)
Track Description: Imploring love song in a country-politan style, soft and sweet

Album: Country Legends (OMVOC015L)
Composer(s): Tommy Smith & Wayne Perry


80s-music-for-tv-filmTrack: Live For Today (#4)
Track Description: 80’s synth pop techno, in the style of The Eurythmics

Album: The Big 80’s (HM-051Q)
Composer(s): Dennis Winslow, Rob Walsh, & Ronn Chick


Only two episodes left this season! Be sure to watch Halt and Catch Fire on AMC this Sunday at 10/9c. Tweet us @FirstCom_Music when you hear our music!


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