Tough Decisions at Lollapalooza 2014

Lollapalooza 2014By Joseph Noga, Contributing Blogger

If you are into music, you probably know about Lollapalooza. It is in many ways the urban festival goers Mecca. Every year it boasts one of the most eclectic, culturally relevant, and down right impressive lineups. Lolla is so good at bringing in the most sought after artists in the world, that it is painful. Choosing which stage to go to at this years’ installment of the fest might make you push back your eyelids and grind your teeth, while you question the meaning of life. It might also help you realize which artists or genres you enjoy the most. Either way, here are the most painful scheduling conflicts of Lollapalooza 2014. Tough decisions to follow…

Note: There are too many artists here to talk about them individually, but rest assured each artist is on the list, because they are amazing. You won’t want to miss seeing any of them perform and that’s the underlying issue.


Iggy Izalea vs. Blood Orange vs. Interpol vs. Portugal the Man vs. Bebe Rexha

Iggy, best known for being so Fancy, is on a different level than the rest here and has been in the international spotlight a lot recently, however, the Blood Orange album Cupid Deluxe is one of the most artistic, unique, and sonically appealing albums I’ve ever encountered. That’s where I would be.

Lorde vs. The Kooks vs. Royal Blood vs. Above and Beyond vs. The Glitch Mob vs. Lykki Li vs. Broken Bells

Sure, you might be able to see bits and pieces of a few of these bands, if you plan your day correctly and don’t mind plowing through the crowds, but if you want to see the entire Lorde set, you will need to forgo seeing the 6 of the festival’s best artists in their entirety. I would opt to see the beginning of Lorde then go see The Glitch Mob.

Arctic Monkeys vs. Phantogram vs. Zedd vs. Eminem

Just why!? The Arctic Monkeys were the best live act I’ve ever seen, but Phantogram, Zedd, and Eminem are all known for being stage stunners as well. I don’t actually think I would be able to decide on this one. This is why people flip coins, right?


PAPA vs. Anna Lunoe vs. The Districts and Jungle vs. Vance Joy vs. heRobust

The Saturday conflicts aren’t quite as bad as the other two days, but they are still there. I would choose Anna Lunoe and Jungle out of these two sets. Anna Lunoe is likely my favorite up-and-coming artist of the whole festival and Jungle’s debut album will be one of the best albums of the year. You’ll see.

Chase and Status vs. Spoon vs. Jenny Lewis vs. The Head and the Heart

Chase and Status take the cake pretty easily, here. They have become a post-dubstep international sensation and are the most relevant choice. Spoon is a close second, though. Since their lead singer Britt Daniel took time away to rock out with Divine Fits, fans have been dying to see Spoon back together.

Calvin Harris vs. cut/copy vs. Krewella vs. Outkast

Outkast is the choice of this conflict, simply because of exclusivity. Calvin, cut/copy, and Krewella are on tour perpetually, but being able to see “Hey Ya,” Roses,” or “Bombs over Baghdad (B.O.B.)” performed live is truly a rare occasion.


Kongos vs. Shy Girls vs. Bear Hands vs. Oyinda

I REALLY like all 4 of these artists, but Oyinda is the most appealing. She is so fresh to the music scene that she has only officially released one track, so far. Although the other three are all great live acts, they are known quantities.

Childish Gambino vs. Flume vs. Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Young the Giant vs. Bronze Radio Return

Flume wins. Gambino’s latest work has been depressing. Ingrosso is good, but was much better as a part of Swedish House Mafia. Young the Giant and Bronze Radio Return are good, but haven’t done anything spectacular recently. Flume on the other hand has proven to be one of the best electronic artists of the past few years.

Skrillex vs. Darkside vs. Chance the Rapper vs. Kings of Leon

As all of these fall in the headlining time-slot on the last day of the festival, it should come as no surprise that this is one of the biggest scheduling conflicts of Lolla. However, Chance the Rapper is the artist to see here. Kings of Leon and Skrillex are both amazing live acts, but both seemingly peaked a few years ago. Darkside, as you could guess, is dark and more down-tempo than the rest. Chance the Rapper’s debut album Acid Rap has been one of the most critically acclaimed albums in recent years and for good reason. I have yet to hear anything from him that I didn’t like. Choose to see Chance.

All in all, if you are fortunate enough to go to Lollapalooza, you are going to see some of the best live artists under the sun. Hopefully this list of conflicts and suggestions helps you avoid a brain aneurism while trying to decide which stage to go to.


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