‘Turbo FAST’ Season 1 Features FirstCom Music


FirstCom Music loves animated productions, so it bring us great joy to announce our production music is featured in DreamWorks Animation Turbo FAST – the first ever Netflix original series… for kids ! The series, which features a 2D design, continues the adventures of the snail stunt-team from the computer-animated film Turbo (2013).

Watch the Turbo FAST trailer here:

Unlike other Netflix series, the company has released Turbo FAST in batches of five. The first batch was released in December 2013, and more followed in April, June and September of 2014. Since its release, Turbo FAST has received two 2014 Daytime Emmy® Award nominations: Outstanding Children’s Animated Program and Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing – Animation .

The Netflix-exclusive series is perfect for the whole family to watch together! Check it out and tweet us when you hear our music @FirstCom_Music!

FirstCom Music tracks featured in Turbo FAST by episode:

Episode #123
Track: “Right Honourable G” (#7)
Album: DJ Producer – R&B Mashup (EVO120Q)
Composers: Jason Zaffary, John Hunter Jr, and Jonathan Slott

Track: “Lost Without You” (#11)
Album: Rock-Metal-Grunge 1 (MSTR097)
Composers: David Hilker, Jeffrey Freundlich, John Costello III, and Seth Bernstein

Track: “New York, Miami, Cali” (#13)
Album: Rap 8 (MSTR172)
Composers: Calvin K. Samuel, Josh Kessler, Keith K Salandy, and Marc Ferrari

Episode #124
Track: “Sunset Boulevard” (#7)
Album: Indie Electric 2 (MH114)
Composers: Damian Rhodes, Ian Wish, Jem Godfrey, and Paul Plant

Track: “Breath Of Fresh Air” (#29.1)
Album: Daytime TV (CHAP267)
Composer: David Fennell

Track: “Rio De Janeiro” (#25)
Album: Exotica (CHAP219)
Composers: Paul Guiot and Paul Piot

Episode #125
Track: “After The Fair” (#13)
Album: The Great British Seaside (CHAP378)
Composer: Robert Farnon

Episode #127
Track: “Carnival March” (#16)
Album: The Great British Seaside (CHAP378)
Composers: Bob Astor, Desire Dondeyne, and Paul Bonneau

Episode #129
Track: “Comedy Cocktails 7” (#13)
Album: Archive – What A Carry On! (CHAP220)
Composer: Paul Gerard

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