New Production Music for March/April 2015

Audition all 26 of our new production music releases today!

(click album titles or albums to audition)

Shuffle Remix
We took some of our personal favorite Shuffle themes and handed them over to producers/remixers/DJs and let them work their magic.
Indie R&B 2
HM-121Indie RnB music for Film/TV and AdvertisingClub fashion, R&B Pop, dance, youth energy, image and life in the big city.
Iconic And Upscale
music for film, tv, advertising and radio
High fashion, big time, big production, ultra-glitzy hip hop, R&B and club styles.
Inspire 3
EVO229EVO production music for advertising, tv, and radio.
Inspiring, hopeful, positive building themes and underscores.
Big Sports 2
music for sports
A blend of heavy guitars and soaring orchestral elements perfect for the big game.
Luxury Retail
music for luxury retailA luxurious world that is sexy and enticing, depicting luxuries in a variety of styles and genres.
Artist Showcase 2
Roadside Couch Records Artist Showcase 2
Indie pop and rock featuring lyrics of love lost-and-found, life, and reflections on all.
Street Pop & Trap Rap
VL-153Street Pop & Trap Rap music for film, tv, advertisingReal trap rap beats and urban pop heaters using street flavor to amp the authenticity.
Beautiful Gadgets
EVO Production Music
Music for those wonderful inventions that make life better.
Lush Alternative
MasterSource Music for film/tv productionAn eclectic mix featuring the sensual, downtempo and lush side of pop rock and indie.
Exquisite Scores
EVO230eJonathan Elias Series - Exquisite ScoresAn introspective musical portrait of the passing of seasons and the passage of time.
Life – Its Ups & Downs
music for life's ups and downsAn emotional journey of sad times and good times, reflective with positive relief.
Influenced Guitar
upbeat acoustic guitar
Fun, upbeat acoustic guitar flavours with splashes of world influences.
The 70s Mix Tape
70s-classic-rock-popAn awesome mix of vocal songs with instrumental versions from the 1970s, classic rock and pop radio requests
When Worlds Collide
universal trailer seriesTake a journey through heavenly and panoramic thems into dark and edgy worlds.
Darkfly promo library
Unique sound design and dramatic, highly disturbing cues for the discerning producer.
Whistle Rock
whistle rock
Happy rock tunes with light-hearted whistle melodies to stay positive!
Vintage Horror Rock ‘N’ Roll
vintage horror rock n roll
Vintage and authentic rock’n’roll tracks which get you freak out!!!
Feelgood & Creative
feelgood creative musicPositive tracks with a twist!
Pop 3
MasterSource Music for film/tv productionsThe hits keep coming one after the other in this exciting collection of contemporary pop tracks guaranteed to catch your ear, grab your attention and turn your production into a multi-platinum success.
Barn Burners
velocity production musicA funky downhome stew of cool urban grooves anchoring that rustic country feel. Fiddle, banjos, beats, and bass baby.
Hip Hop Trap Underscores
hip hop trap underscoresHip hop hits. Instrumentals only for voice-over.
Deep House Club
 deep-house-club-library-musicSound of deep house music.
Musical Mischief Makers
quirky production musicA fun-filled album with glitchy beats and interesting twists.
Electronic Dance Music
electronic dance music
Songs & instrumentals tracks inspired by EDM.
Happy Break Beats 3
happy break beatsPure happy energetic tracks!

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