Featured Production Music: The Kitsch Carnival – Summer Beach Bash

Velocity‘s The Kitsch Carnival – Summer Beach Bash is a quirky collection of whimsical summertime beach groovers for drifting off into the pop culture great beyond. A psych sonic trip pulling from 60s exploitation movies, Kraftwerk, Beach House, Pee-Wee Herman, Sid and Marty Krofft and, of course, French people. We have trippy organs, freaky analog synths, a Baldwin Fun Machine, lo-fi drum machines, glockenspiels, bottles and of course, those kind of brownies, but nobody knew. It was awesome. And all of our childhood stuffed animals were there. And they were totally surfing. Have fun and enjoy your summer everybody!

Click on the album cover below to audition + download The Kitsch Carnival – Summer Beach Bash (VL-156):

Featured Tracks: “Bubbles Are My Friends” Lo-Fi rhythm track, bells and bubbly synths on a quirky 60s trip to the happiest place ever
“Funky Lil Surfer Girl” A funky, energetic brush kit with bells and organs hang 10 in the cosmos
“Tiki Torch Buffet” Excellent tropical night time beach vibes, with a cool syncopated groove
“My Martian’s Melody” A crazy, chunky breakbeat and a longing outer space melody makes the universe levitate and hold hands

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[Hear some of your favorite EVO215 EVO187 tracks remixed here!]

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