New Production Music for May/June 2015

Audition all 26 of our new production music releases today!

(click album covers to audition + download)

The Kitsch Carnival – Summer Beach Bashsummer-library-musicA quirky collection of whimsical summertime beach groovers for drifting off into the pop culture great beyond. A psych sonic trip strictly for fun and relaxation!
Power Politics
music for power politicsPolitical election ad themes featuring mood transitions
Jonathan Elias - Positive Motivational InspiringAward winning composer Jonathan Elias delivers a positive, motivational, uplifting musical score for documentary, advertising and film
Tension Theories
Gotham MusicIncredibly current but timeless blend of cutting edge tension beds that stay out of the way while incorporating powerful percussive hits, sub bass booms and percolating percussive bits, reality dramatic music beds at its best
FC Animated - SingularityInterconnected, key and tempo related cues, drones, risers, themes and transitions that can be used alone or in combination to assemble dramatic adventure soundtracks
Dragons, Fairies And Witches
FirstCom Music for AnimationFamily adventure, magic, sprites, mythology, animation, children, fairy tale, fantasy suspense, story telling
Regions Of Darkness
music-for-animated-productionUnifying theme and underscores, accents, terror, horror, tension, suspense, ethnic winds, orchestra, supernatural, fantasy horror
Retro Creature Features
retro-music-for-animated-productionsFun Saturday morning retro TV, campy horror, old time Sci-Fi sounds and 8-bit video game goodness
Gods And Heroes
FirstCom Music for Animated productionsHeroic, mythological, larger-than-life themes and transitions for scoring action, adventure, animation, competition, sports and trailers
Learning To Disappear
jim-fairchild-modest-mouse-guitaristModest Mouse guitarist Jim Fairchild creates uniquely powerful emotional and dramatic underscores.  From ambient to anthemic, reflective to expansive
Head On – Fast Rock Grooves
Fast rock cuts with tons of energyFast-moving, hard grooving, hip and modern rock cues that bring tons of energy, but still support perfect voice overs and visuals
Southern Cinema
Americana music for advertising, film, tv, and sportsA collection of moody southern tunes, colors and soundscapes tapping into a flavor of Americana when country and R&B were closer kin then they are now
Big Country Blitz
Big Country Blitz - MasterSource MusicAuthentic chart-worthy contemporary country vocals
Tightrope 2
OneMusic library | FirstCom MusicSuspenseful tracks full of extreme tension
Hip Hop World
Hip hop music for advertising, film and tvGroundbreaking, powerful multi-language hip hop from around the world
Mozart: Piano Concertos 6
mozart-production-musicPiano Concerto No.22 in E flat, K.482; Piano Concerto No.23 in A, K.488 and Piano Concerto No.3 in D, K.40
Mozart: Piano Concertos 7
license-mozart-piano-concertosPiano Concerto No.24 in C minor, K.491; Piano Concerto No.25 in C, K.503 and Piano Concerto No.5 in D, K.175
Mozart: Piano Concertos 8
mozart-piano-concertosPiano Concerto No.26 in D, K.537 ‘Coronation’; Piano Concerto No.27 in B flat, K.595 and Piano Concerto No.4 in G, K.41
Schubert: Symphonies Nos. 8 & 9
schubert-production-musicSymphony No.8 in B minor, D.759 – ‘Unfinished’ and Symphony No.9 in C, D.944 – ‘The Great’
Widescreen Elegance
chappell-production-music-libraryBeautiful, intimate orchestral themes
BBC Random Selector Vol. 1
bbc-production-musicA diverse mix of one off gems from Big Band to One Man Band, Folk and Jazz through to Human Beatbox and Mariachi. Eclectic + Quality = BBC Random Selector!
Curious And Bizarre
curious-bizarre-library-musicLife is sometimes stranger than fiction. Quirky character themes
Golden Age Radio: Vintage
vintage-radio-production-musicGorgeous live recordings with a 1920s-40s vintage aesthetic. Featuring nostalgic ballads and fun barbershop tunes sang by a four piece male vocal harmony group
Golden Age Radio: Modern
modern-radio-production-musicGorgeous live recordings in a 1920s-40s style with a modern production aesthetic. Featuring nostalgic ballads and fun barbershop tunes sang by a four piece male vocal harmony group
The Inside Job
stylish crime music for film/tv, advertising and radioStylish crime music for an inside job. Sly, funky, and retro grooves for well dressed criminal heist masterminds and deep undercover spy and espionage. Stems available
Imperfect Perfection
OneMusic libraryHomemade tracks with unique musical invention

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