What Is Production Music?

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What is Production Music

What Is Production Music? 

You hear it every day. From the films, trailers and TV shows you watch, to the videos and games you play online; even in commercials advertising, sports and training videos. Yes, production music is everywhere! It is the background music used to influence attention, emotion and add rhythm to a production.

Now, you may ask: Where does this background music come from? It often comes from production music libraries, such as FirstCom Music, that have produced and own that music. One must license production music for use in filmTVadvertisingradio, or other media.

Production music, also called “library music” or “stock music,” is a popular choice for filmmakers and producers. Entertainment industry creatives often turn to top production music libraries as their music source because they are able to access high quality music for a fraction of what it would cost to license popular music that is heard on the radio.

We should note that not all production music is the same. Top production music companies, such as FirstCom Music, work with seasoned songwriters, and GRAMMY Award-winning composers to produce high-quality music for their catalog.

FirstCom Music currently represents over 30 music catalogs containing over 190,000 tracks with updates six times a year. Their production music libraries offer advanced music delivery solutions, multiple audio formats, and continued dedication to delivering trending music designed for editors, music supervisors, producers and content creators around the world.

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