Presented by William Kingswood, Vincenzo LoRusso, Ken Nelson, Cliff Simms and Timothy Edwards

There is lots of great music available for film, television and digital media today. Lots of great songs, songwriters and working musicians. Some famous, many not so famous. But does a great song or underscore always fit the storyline or scene for a film and TV project?

Regardless of genre, group or buzz factor, there is still much to learn about production music and how to get your music heard and accepted for worldwide distribution by the top publishing and production music companies.

Here is your chance to have your music reviewed, critiqued and discussed with some of the top music-for-media professionals in the business. You’ll also learn about the latest creative trends and production techniques that can set your music apart from others. Attending is an excellent opportunity for feedback and to learn what today’s production music world is all about.

To have a track considered for review, please send a link to a downloadable WAV, AIFF or MP3 file with “PMC Submission” in the subject line to by Monday, September 7th at 11:59 PM. We will keep all public critiques anonymous so we can concentrate on the work and not the person. You may submit one track per attendee only. Because of the time limitations, we can’t guarantee that your track will be selected for the panel.



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