Dallas Digital Summit 2015

We spent the last two days at the Dallas Digital Summit where we’ve been catching up with the latest innovations and trends in the digital world. With 1,500 digital professionals involved, including keynote speaker Mark Cuban, we were completely entrenched in an atmosphere of creativity and forward thinking.

While we pride ourselves on obsessive personalized service, the digital world offers us great opportunities for caring for our customers, building engaging creative relationships, and interacting with our community. Being a part of the Dallas Digital Summit was a must! Whether it’s SEO, User Experience (UX), or Content Strategy we want to be as approachable in the digital sphere as we are over the phone, in our offices, or in our studios and we are focused on honing the right tools to make it happen.

Having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who made us laugh, listen, and think was also a whole lot of fun! Our special thanks goes out to all the fantastic vendors and sponsors we caught time with, the brilliant people at Silverpop who took the time to answer our questions, Eve Mayer for being so darn funny, Jason Miller at LinkedIn for inspiring us to find our Big Rock, and of course Mark Cuban for being so engaging we forgot to press the ‘Post’ button that was under our noses.

As we move into a new year we’re sure to try out some of the cool tips and tricks we’ve learned as we continue our mission to provide the very best creative music solutions. Stay tuned to this space!


If you would like us to promote your creative use of our tracks then please reach out to our new Digital Media Specialist Michael McDonald. He’s our cheerleader, and you’re our 12th man. Get involved!


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