The Best of FirstCom Music 2015

Best of 2015 collageWow, what a year 2015 has been! With well over 100 albums released this year it’s been hard to pick out favorites but we couldn’t let the top of the class go without a little bit of praise. So here you have it, our Top 20 albums of 2015, in no particular order and covering a little bit of everything that we think has made it a year to remember…

Rhythm ScapesRythmscapes – EVO
Drum and percussion scores that create moods utilizing minimal instrumentation, in various genres. Multiple flavors, multiple moods – but the beats speak loud and clear.



American Morning

American Morning – Gotham
Motivational and inspirational featuring perfect openers, news beds, family stories, logo ID tags for magazine morning news and talk shows. Ideal music for TV or Radio.



Game Theory

Game Theory – SEE
Action, adventure and intrigue from dark heroes to epic battles. A source of inspiration and the perfect soundtracks for larger than life stories, game trailers, big time sports promotion and motion picture advertising.



Post Apocalypse

Post Apocalypse – FCAnimated
Key and tempo related dramatic sound design, music and scoring elements designed to easily mix together to create game sound, film cues, music for animation and action trailers.



FCLB09Deep House – Focus Club
Deep house grooves and funky house cuts from London label Grin Recordings and international DJ Steve Murrell.



light quirky and positive take on everyday challenges

Positive Living – BBC Production Music
A light, quirky and positive take on everyday challenges, beautifully orchestrated with strings, percussion, woodwind, and piano.



chap431-acoustic-devotion_repro_WebResAcoustic Devotion – Chappel
Acoustic underscores ideal for Documentary with warm, playful and emotive guitars, drums and string quartet.



dgpm051haydn_reproHaydn: String Quartets Op. 20, 1-3 – Deutsche Grammophon
String Quartets covering a range of moods from heavy melancholy to light and breezy. Emotive and considered.



MEX029_cinema2acoplado_WebResCinema Latino Vol 2. – Mexican Music Library
An extensive and wide palette of musical landscapes, emotions and situations for Latin picture screen storytelling.



OM203_IndieFilmscore2_WebResIndie Filmscore Vol 2. – One Music
Sometimes quirky and always intriguing, the perfect soundtrack for the latest indie flick. Perfect music for video and trailers.



Future Soul - MusicHouse Production Music

Future Soul – Music House
Forward looking Electro-organic alt Hip-Hop for late nights and cutting edge brands.



Magic book (© Lobke Peers)

Heroes Themes – Universal Trailers Series
Bold and hopeful main themes, dramatic builds and powerful back ends ideal for Promos and Trailers.



Access Music - Power Politics

Power Politics – Access Music
Political election ad themes featuring mood transitions from both positive to negative and negative to positive.



Hip hop music for advertising, film and tv.

Hip-Hop World – Mastersource
Groundbreaking, powerful multi-language hip hop from around the world ideal for sports, film, and global urban brands.



Beyond the Infinite

Beyond the Infinite – Velocity
A collection of indie and alt rock tunes with more of a moody, emotive, cinematic feel. Less hip and more rich in substance. Great for storytelling.



stylish crime music for film/tv, advertising and radio

The Inside Job – Hollywood Music
Stylish crime music for an inside job. Sly, funky, and retro grooves for well-dressed criminal heist masterminds and deep undercover spy and espionage.



Iconic & upscale hip-hop music for film, tv, advertising and radio productions.

Iconic & Upscale – Chronicles of Hip Hop
High fashion, big time, big production, ultra-glitzy Hip-Hop, R&B and club styles for anything needing a bit of lux.



Darkfly promo library

Urgently – Darkfly
Unique sound design and dramatic, highly disturbing cues for the discerning producer.



Shuffle REMIX - FirstCom Music

Shuffle Remix – EVO
We took some of your favorite Shuffle themes and handed them over to producers/remixers/DJs to work their magic. The results; another fantastic arsenal of jams to create the perfect TV and Radio spots and promos.



GAL139_ChristmasRocks_WebResChristmas Rock – Galerie
Fun and electric Christmas tunes. Rock’n’Roll Santa! Yeah!





Click the images above to be taken to each album page or visit our New Releases to catch the latest albums as they drop.


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