IDA DocuDay 2016 sponsored by FirstCom


As a non-profit organization running since 1982, the International Documentary Association works tirelessly to promote the work of non-fiction film-makers and documentarians. They do an amazing job and we’re extremely proud to be sponsoring their annual IDA ‘DocuDay’ event this weekend. It’s a key event of the year, and insider info suggests this year’s event will be better than ever.

Taking place at the Writer’s Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday 27th and running from 8:30am to 11:00pm (PST), it’s a day of back-to-back films that cannot be missed. Yes, that’s fourteen and a half hours of back-to-back films, which may seem like a lot, but we promise the quality far out-weighs the quantity. That’s because every feature and short documentary on show is Oscar® nominated! Where else can you see so many top level, critically-acclaimed films under one roof? [Hint: the answer is only at the Oscars®]

Alongside the movies there will be Q&A sessions with the filmmakers following each screening. We anticipate an entertaining, informative, and highly social event featuring the most recognized documentaries and filmmakers of the year. Do not miss out!

Check out the full event details here.


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