Behind the Music

Behind the Music 750X380

We brought together a whole lot of crazy good new music in our first update of the year, and we have many more updates to come as the year continues. Behind all that great new music are a host of new performers, composers, and producers joining the award-winning team of creative minds who make FirstCom Music an industry leader.

Here are just three of the people who helped bring you the best new production music of 2016… so far!

Matthew Robertson is a composer, producer, and music director who has worked with musical pioneers such as Björk, Academy Award winning composers like Steven Price, and top level artists and musicians like The Cinematic Orchestra and The Prodigy. His work on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ [CHAP434] has resulted in six mesmerizing, contemporary, and cinematic themes that will layer perfectly in futuristic dramas, promos, and innovative tech advertising. If you’ve seen the film Ex Machina, the critically acclaimed drama ‘Mr Robot’ or UK Drama ‘Humans’ then you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

Bryan Sammis is a singer, song-writer and producer who is perhaps best known for his time as drummer for The Neighbourhood, including on multi-Platinum selling single ‘Sweater Weather’. That’s all the more impressive when you consider he’s only 24 years old. Now a highly successful solo artist, he took time out from touring the world to lay down some astounding songs for our newest ‘Songs For Advertising’ [MSTR280] album.

Nate Donmoyer is a musician, producer, and programmer who has worked with some of the best in the business. Whether it’s big name collaborators such as Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Major Lazer, or Spank Rock, or in demand up-and-comers like Kelela, Donmoyer has been the go to for beats that count. That’s before we mention his remixes for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, The Chemical Brothers, Daedalus, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs or his time as drummer for the awesome festival favorites, Passion Pit. Frankly, he was the perfect fit to help us create the sharpest beats on ‘Big Baller Hip-Hop’ [MSTR278].


Pretty good, right? Those are just three of the superbly talented people who make FirstCom Music the place to be when it comes to finding the very best music for your next production. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ where we’ll be celebrating the people who create the music you love. #SongwritersFirst


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