Top Picks & Reviews of Our New Releases | June

June 16 New Releases

This is our first big release of the summer, and with it we’re very happy to bring you some choice picks from the 29 new albums just added to our ever expanding libraries. As with any release schedule some of our releases are timed to coincide with current events, while others are aimed at helping you plan ahead. Whatever your needs we’re sure you’ll find something in this latest batch of new tunes, tracks, and audio adventures that will lighten your work load and delight your ears.

Consider the following a taster, sampler, or a sneak peek. What we promise is there are many, many more awesome albums like these available for previews, auditioning, and download in our New Releases.


Garage Rock Love Songs

Garage Rock Love Songs – Richie James Follin – RCR020
Since the 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll has been the sound of lovelorn teens bashing out three chords while trying to condense personal heartache into a thrilling chorus that speaks for everyone. On these Garage Rock Love Songs the smooth voiced Richie James Follin channels those foundational Rock moments built in garages across America over the last 60 years. Taking in Garage, Proto-Punk, Rockabilly, Indie, and even a raw Rock ballad or two, the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer shows there’s more depth and range to simple love songs than is often imagined.

Teenage Hipsters and nostalgic Baby Boomers will sit together with lovers of classic Americana as these back-to-basics rockers hit the high notes of that universal feeling of love.


Once Upon a Holiday - GM-192Once Upon a Holiday – GM192
Our Gotham library has seen many holiday seasons come and go. Over the last 25+ years they have developed a deep knowledge of what sounds perfectly seasonal while also remaining consistently imaginative and creative with their compositions. On Once Upon A Holiday producer Manny Kallins has taken that knowledge of how to write a classic holiday tune and created a musical package that can be used year round.

By including two versions of each track, one version with the sleigh bells, chimes, and sparkle we associate with holiday music and one version without, Kallins set out to create music that had the warmth of holiday spirit but that was even more usable. Taking in genres as diverse as Swing Jazz, Pop, Rockabilly, and Funk it’s certainly a package that covers many bases. Tracks like ‘Box & Bow’ cross the divide perfectly, with the holiday rocker well placed for ad spots while the year round version feels lighter, warmer and perfect for promos of all kinds.

Holiday planning gets earlier every year, with this package you don’t have to wait to get using some great new music!

Brasil 2016 - MEX032Brasil 2016 – MEX032
The authentic sound of Brasil is diverse and varied with long respected traditions, a history of innovation, and contemporary beats pushing music culture forward. The common thread of dance and movement ties all these strands together. While Forro and Samba hark back to traditions passed from one generation to the next, Bossa Nova has global appeal and cutting edge zeal in an Electro Bossa guise.  Elsewhere, Baile Funk takes its name from street parties and its sound from a mix of Miami Bass and Latin rhythms. What’s clear is Brazilian music is the sound of movement, energy, joy, and community; an inspiring and motivational combination!

Brasil 2016 showcases the range of authentic Brazilian music popular across the world right now. So whether you need the energy of a Batacuda or the lounge-chill vibes of some tropical flavored Electro, you’re covered!

Gospel & Spirituals - MSTR279Gospel & Spirituals – MSTR279
Steeped in the rich traditions of the American South, Gospel is inextricably tied to a communal sense of people and place. As part of the foundations and inspiration for Blues, R&B, Soul, and even Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gospel is beloved for its passion, emotion, and strong links to spirituality. For many it’s the truest musical essence of the soul.

This collection of Gospel and Spirituals takes in secular Hymnals and the Southern Baptist tradition featuring a cappella groups, choirs, and organ based orchestration as well as non-secular Americana,  Blues and Bluegrass compositions. With originals and traditional arrangements, this is a heartfelt and deeply moving collection.


Blue Eyed Soul - MSTR282Blue Eyed Soul – MSTR282
Taking in the breadth of Blue Eyed Soul, this collection from MasterSource is inspired by a wide range of instantly recognizable Soul voices. Featuring intimate, emotional and heartfelt tunes inspired by Sam Smith, feel good tracks with a Springsteen or Don Henley kind of vibe, and traditional, if not throwback, Michael McDonald-style crooners, it’s a varied compilation with a lot of heart… and soul.

We leave it to the passionate words of producer and composer David Feldstein to tell you why this is one not to miss:

“Hey Guys! I’m really excited to deliver this latest batch of Blue Eyed Soul tunes. It honestly is a collection I’m really proud of. I’ve called in the talents of several writing partners and some of the best singers I’ve ever put together on a collection. Together we’ve covered Blue Eyed Soul from several eras and decades. I hope you guys dig it as much as we did making it.”



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