How To Monetize Snapchat for Creatives

By Courtney Echerd

Social media platforms: whether you love them or hate them, they keep us connected, allow us to explore, and, for the most part, they are free. Snapchat’s service has over 150 million daily users and is worth over 20 billion dollars, but the app is still free to anyone with an App Store. So that begs the question: if Snapchat or its users are not paying creative contributors, just how can content creators like you and me use the Snapchat app to turn a profit?

Snapchat’s culture is a lot more casual friend-to-friend and a lot less formal creator-to-viewer, so creators often have to get, well, creative when using Snapchat as a platform for their audiences. Don’t be daunted, though. It can be done, and it can be done a lot more easily than you might have thought.

Let your audience be part of the experience
Treat your audience like they are your friends. Talking to viewers as if you are facetiming with them in order to sell a product or redirect viewership has worked for the Kardashians, and it can work for you.  One of the reasons Snapchat has been so successful is that it allows viewers to feel like they know what is going on with all of the users that they follow. Snapchat has a “live”, raw, and personal element to it, so allow your followers to experience that on your feed as well. Show your followers a behind-the-scenes look at events your brand attends, how you are setting up your videos, or the steps you take in creating your product. Showing them this otherwise hidden information makes them feel like they are a part of your creative process. If you really want to get connected with your followers, ask them to snapback ideas or requests for upcoming content.

Advertising (Shocking, we know.)
While ads can run pretty pricy on Snapchat, the investment just might be worth it. For one, Snapchat is innovative. It is dominating as a messaging app, but what separates advertising with Snapchat versus advertising with another app is that Snapchat’s advertising is pretty sneaky. Snapchat places ads in between a user’s friend list of Snapchat stories, so users often do not even realize they’re watching an ad until the video is almost over. The advertisements usually last about 6 seconds, just long enough for the creator to get their advertisement across.

Aside from a standard video advertisement, Snapchat also offers other creative ways to advertise, such as a one time geotag or filter.

Preview Your Product, Tease Your Audience
YouTubers use the Snapchat previewing tactic like nobody’s business. Showing a quick tease of your product or video in your Snap story a few days before your new content is released is an excellent strategy to not only remind your viewers that you are constantly producing new and exciting material for them, but also gives them a taste of what to expect and time to get excited about what’s to come. Don’t forget to post a snap immediately after your tease telling your followers how and where to watch or receive the teased content!

Give Your Followers Something To Gain
Every so often, share a tip with your followers. Some of your audience will likely be content creators themselves, so share some of the wisdom you’ve accumulated. This can be as simple as a lighting hack you’ve found for videos or as in-depth as a tutorial exclusively on your Snapchat story.

Snapchat is an excellent way to scout out potential interns or employees for your creative brand. It is a unique way to get your application across in an unintimidating and originative way.


Via Convince and Convert

These are just a few of the many ways you can use Snapchat to further your brand, but one of the most important things to include in your Snapchat platform is memorable content. You don’t want to provide your viewers with the exact same content you’re showing them on your Twitter page or blog feed. Let this be a complementary platform and have fun with it. If you find an even better way that Snapchat works for your content, please let us know at @FirstCom_Music



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