Things That Took Me Longer Than They Should Have To Figure Out: Snapchat Edition

By: Courtney Echerd

While I’m not a Snapchat addict by any means, I am a recreational user and tend to pride myself on my ability to navigate technology. There are a couple of things, however, that I have naturally struggled with because I am, as I mentioned, an inconsistent user. I got to the bottom of a couple of Snapchat features so you will not have to.

snap1snap2Get That Conversation Out of Here!
Don’t want your brand to know you have been using the company Snapchat for personal reasons? Want to hide that you have been Snapping your ex-boyfriend from your best friend or parents? While I don’t condone either of these things, I do have the solution. Snapchat’s “Chat” page does not have an easy delete option for conversation history, but fear not. Navigate to your personal profile. Click the settings cog in the top right corner. Scroll to “Account Actions” and then tap on “Clear Conversations”. Don’t worry, you’re not going to lose the “streaks” you want to keep. You will then have the option to delete all of your conversations or just that specific sketchy streak you have going.


“You spelled my last name wrong!” “Snapchat won’t let me change it!”
I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this exact conversation. Maybe you met someone and didn’t know how to spell their name when you first got their number. Maybe you have 46 emojis next to their name from when you added them four years ago. Good news, you are not trapped with that Snap-name forever. This is another easy, but slightly under-the-radar fix. Head over to the “Stories” tab. Hold down the story of the user’s name you want to edit. When their profile pops up, click the settings cog, then “Edit Name”, and Save. You are good to go!


Okay, I am fully aware that this one might just be me, but I couldn’t leave it out. I would post a Snapchat Story and then receive replies to just a snippet of the story and wanted so badly to do the same, but refused to google it. Here’s how I (finally) figured it out. First, simply watch a story. When you see a part you want to comment on or chat about, use one finger to press on the screen and then slide up. A line should appear, type away, and send it off. You will then see you have a blue Snap conversation on your Chat page. Just like any other Snap, it will disappear after the recipient has viewed it. Easy as that!


I “Discover”ed This, You Should Too
So, you laughed at something you saw on Snapchat’s Discover page, why wouldn’t your friend? Sending Discover stories is an easy way to share news or pop culture information and to keep a “streak” going. Discover is located right between your personal story and your friends’ stories on the Stories tab. Click the article that interests you, hold it down, and you are ready to send! You have access to almost all the features you would with any other Snap, such as timestamps, geotags, and adding texts or art. Send it to the desired recipient, and the message will appear in your conversations on “Chat”.


So, what do you think? Was this helpful or should I be embarrassed that I even struggled with these features in the first place? Hit us up at @firstcom_music



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