A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

By Courtney Echerd


Odds are, if you are reading this article and have stuck with me this long, you love Snapchat. If you love Snapchat, you probably want to make your snaps the best that they can be. If you want your snaps to be the best they can be– I will go ahead and stop before this gets too “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. The point is, there are dozens of apps out there designed to enhance your Snapchat experience and we have sifted through them to find the best Snapchat apps to improve your snap game. Check out the list, head over to your app store, and get snappin’ with your snazzy new features.

Beating the Screenshot System
Screenshotting snaps can get awkward, especially if the snapper is someone you don’t know very well. That is where SnapBox comes in. It just might be the Snapchat app you have been waiting for, as it automatically saves and downloads every snap that you receive. If you have tried out Snapbox and have some qualms with it, Snapchat Saver, Quick Save, and SaveMySnaps also can help you out with saving those coveted snaps, with all three apps allowing you to download any of your friends’ Snapchat stories as well. The best part is, with these apps, the sender will never know you are saving their snaps.

If you’re well-versed in the Snapchat world, you might already be familiar with the ever-popular Casper app, whimsically named to complement Snapchat’s ghost logo. Casper does just about everything you could hope for in a Snapchat helper-app. Similar to Instagram, the app allows its users to choose from a wide variety of photo filters, beyond the four color correction options provided by Snapchat. Casper also offers sticker expansion packs. The app lets users forward any snap they receive. That’s right, if you receive an interesting or questionable snap from someone, you can easily forward it to your best friend for further investigation.

Shortening the Geofilter Process
Geofilters were one of the most exciting things, in my opinion, to happen to Snapchat. They let friends know where you are or what exciting event you are participating in. Snapchat’s been pretty cool about letting users submit their own geofilters, but that can take time and requires some knowledge of photoshop. Even then, there is still no guarantee that the Snapchat geofilter guys will let your work pass through. The Confetti app skips the middle man and puts your custom geofilter right on your snaps, right away. Sound too good to be true? Well…. there is a little bit of a catch, to the tune of $14.99. It might be worth it for you, though, if you are away from a computer or don’t have the time to sit down and mess with photo editing software.

So, do you prefer to operate alone or have you been waiting for these apps to work in tandem with your beloved Snapchat? Let us know at @firstcom_music


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