About the Contributors


John Lentz: Senior Music Director

John has worked in the music/record/radio industry since graduating from Middle Tennessee State University’s acclaimed recording industry program in 1983. Beginning on Music Row as charts manager and later Nashville bureau chief for Cash Box magazine, he compiled radio and sales data to construct the weekly country and gospel music charts. As director of music programming and research for Media General and then TM Century, he programmed current music in several radio formats and researched music for over a dozen gold libraries. Since joining FirstCom Music in 1999, he has recommended music for our clients in over 20,000 productions. His entire career has encompassed researching the music preferences of the public and professional producers.

jason-rudd-mastering-engineerJason Rudd: Mastering Engineer – Music Director

Jason began playing guitar at age 14. At 16, he started recording in a local studio with his band and quickly moved on to producing for other local bands. He studied at the Art Institute of Dallas, where he learned all aspects of analog recording and mixing. Jason graduated in 1996 with a degree in Music and Video Business.

In 1999, after a few years of freelancing and doing post-production at a Dallas area jingle studio, Jason joined FirstCom Music as the Assistant Mastering Engineer and was quickly promoted to Mastering Engineer. He has been a part of the FirstCom crew for over ten years now and loves using his talents to create quality music.


Guest Bloggers:

Paul Greeley

Paul Greeley

Greeley writes a weekly column for TVNEWSCHECK.com that is all about marketing and promotion at local TV station. Read his Market Share columns here. Greeley has more than 20 years of experience in local TV marketing. He’s been a writer, producer, editor, creative services director and VP of marketing for a top-20 broadcast company and has experience in markets large and small.

Contact Paul at:

Jeff “Skin” Wade

Wade and his partner Ruben Ayala are the production team that oversees and develops the Velocity Label for FirstCom. He’s a full-on music and basketball nerd and his family seems OK with tolerating him, which is nice.


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